A history in Film – Pictures and Audio of Covent Garden and its surrounding area.

'It's vitally important to remember what Covent Garden looked like in its previous life, and I welcome any moves to support the social history archive'

Michael Palin, 3rd June 2014

On the 9th November 1974 the Covent Garden Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Market closed and on the 11th November reopened at Nine Elms.

This left the Old Market site under threat of redevelopment by the Greater London Council - they had plans to demolish and redevelop an area of 100 acres which would have left only a few buildings standing including The Piazza.

Fortunately Covent Garden was saved as we know it today by a small group who formed The Covent Garden Community Association in 1971, and The Covent Garden Area Trust.

The reason for this site is to gather peoples own stories of Covent Garden and to Archive them on Films - Pictures and Words so they are not lost in time - this project is supported by Michael Palin as see in the quote opposite.

By supporting our Festival events or purchasing one of our Annual Collection prints you will be helping towards achieving this goal and if you are reading this and you have your own story to tell please send them to us so that we can add them to the Archive.


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