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"I first discovered Nigel's collection of pictures of the Old Covent Garden Market when I spoke to the Covent Garden Community Association in July 2001. I went the next day to his exhibition at the Royal Opera House, and found myself impressed, entertained and fascinated by these glimpses of pre-tourist Covent Garden. Each one is a little study in itself and the beauty lies not just in their quality and composition but in the atmosphere that Dicker captures with elegant simplicity. For those of us who remember the market, these photographs will evoke a poignant mixture of delight and nostalgia, for those who don't they offer a rich reminder of how quickly London's history changes."



"The Museum of London is delighted to have acquired an number of prints of Nigel Dicker's excellent photographs of Covent Garden fruit, vegetable and flower market before it was relocated to Nine Elms in the early 1970's. Although the market was well documented at the time by several photographers, what distinguishes Nigel's pictures are firstly, that they were shot in colour - seemingly a real rarity for the time - and secondly, his ability to relate the place to the people who worked there. It is all to easy with a subject like this to produce a set of pictures which are either 'character' studies with little insight into who or what they do, or a dispassionate record of a work place with minimal human interest. Nigel avoided both of these pitfalls to produce a set of pictures which not only record Covent Garden Market but document what it was actually like to work there."

MIKE SEABORNE - Curator of Photography, Museum of London 2004


"The 2001 Royal Opera House exhibition was reviewed in the prestigious British Journal of Photography, an extract from which reads - 'as much a social document as photographic exhibition, Dicker displays a fine eye for capturing the character of his subject in the pleasingly elegant lines of the avenues of the Central Market in the Piazza"

SEAN LOUTH - British Journal of Photography 2001.


"Nigel has captured an era that is long gone. Drink in these images and enjoy them"